Commissioner for Human Rights

Regional meetings in the Pomorskie voivodeship

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From 15 to 17 May, the CHR’s regional meetings in the Pomorskie voivodeship were held. The CHR visited Gdynia, Gdańsk and Malbork.

Modern forms of support to persons with disabilities were the subject of a meeting held at the foundation Wspólnota Burego Misia in Kościerzyna. We also visited the Pokolenia foundation in Tczew. Topics relating to the regional Kashubian identity were discussed in a meeting of the association named Zrzeszenie Kaszubsko-Pomorskie in Gdańsk. The problem of conflicts between divorcing parents was the subject of a meeting with the Pelikan Families’ Association in Gdańsk.

The CHR also visited residents of the hearing impaired youth Correctional Centre no. 2 in Wejherowo.

Adam Bodnar met with students of the General Secondary School no. 2 in Gdynia and of the Marian Osiński Building Construction Vocational Schools in Gdańsk. He also visited Pozytywna Szkoła Podstawowa primary school in Gdańsk, whose problems were presented to him in one of his regional meetings. The CHR saw the exceptional library in Rumia.

The Commissioner also took part in the national meeting of organisations working in rural areas, held in Maróz, where he spoke with forty representatives of non-governmental organisations.

On 25 May, the CHR will hold regional meetings in Płock and Ciechanów.