Commissioner for Human Rights

Local Representative in Katowice


Office of the Local Representative in Katowice

(for Śląskie, Małopolskie and Świętokrzyskie Voivodeships)
Aleksandra Wentkowska

Scope of activities

The scope of activities of the Offices of Local Representatives covers the following:

  1. Examination of matters within the statutory competence of organisational units of the Office, stemming from the territorial competence of Local Representatives;
  2. Providing explanations and informing about the measures available to persons who come to the offices or contact them by phone;
  3. Providing information about the possibilities to use the competences of the Defender in individual cases;
  4. Informing the applicants about the general petitions of the Defender and the Defender’s social initiatives;
  5. Providing the applicants with necessary knowledge to examine their cases on their own, i.e. in the form of printouts of regulations, examples of procedural writs, manuals and publications of the Office;
  6. Forwarding the cases within the competence of other statutory organisational units of the Office to those units for further processing.  

Address: ul. Jagiellońska 25, 40-032 Katowice
phone: (32) 72 86 800