Commissioner for Human Rights

Privacy and cookies policy of the CHR website service

Commissioner for Human Rights (CHR) designing his website,  hereinafter referred to as CHR Services, pays particular attention to respecting the privacy of the website Visitors (Users). The default settings used on CHR Services do not allow the collection of data other than those necessary for the operation of these websites and are used only to administer and ensure their proper functioning. They do not identify Users or transfer information about Users to third parties.
The operator of the Services is the Commissioner for Human Rights (CHR) with the registered office at Al. Solidarności 77 in Warsaw (00- 090).

Data collection

CHR Services only store queries (HTTP) directed to the CHR server and the viewed content is identified by addresses (URLs). The data collected this way is stored in log files and may relate to the following information:

  • public IP address of the device sending the request (it may be directly the User's computer),
  • time the request was received,
  • the first line of the HTTP request,
  • HTTP response code,
  • the number of bytes sent by the server,
  • URL of the page previously visited by the User (referrer link) – if the CHR site was accessed via a link,
  • information about the User's browser,
  • information about errors in the implementation of the HTTP transaction.

Cookies mechanism

„Cookies” or „cookie files” are a kind of small information - ICT data, which are sent by every website visited by the User and are saved on his terminal device, e.g. on a computer or smartphone, which he uses when browsing websites.
On CHR Services, this information is used only to adapt the content of websites to the User's preferences, in particular they allow to recognize the User's device and properly display the website, tailored to his individual needs. They are:

  • cookie-agreed, cookie-agreed-version, cookie-agreed-categories (necessary type) - stores information about cookies support, is stored on the User's terminal device until logging out, leaving the website or turning off the software (web browser). The file provider - Commissioner for Human Rights.
  • SESSxxx (necessary type) - stores the session identifier (only for editors and administrators of CHR Services), is stored in the terminal device for 23 days or until it is removed by its User. The file provider - Commissioner for Human Rights.
  • fluid-ui-settings (necessary type) - stores information about the CSS style in which the CHR Services are displayed, is stored on the User's terminal device for 23 days or until it is removed by its User. The file provider - Commissioner for Human Rights.

Use of data

The collected information (log files) help us determine: which subpages are visited most often, whether the structure of the page does not contain errors, which web browsers are used, etc. Based on this information, supporting statistics can be generated, which however, do not contain any features that identify the Users. We analyse log files to ensure the highest quality of CHR Services.
This information is not disclosed to anyone, except for persons authorized to administer the server and the CHR Office network. When necessary, also to entities authorized to do so, only on the basis of legal provisions.

Links to other sites

The CHR Services have links to other websites.
The CHR is not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites. Therefore, it is worth to read the Privacy Policy set out there after switching to other websites.
This Privacy Policy applies solely to CHR Services.


In the event of a change to the current Privacy Policy, appropriate modifications will be made to the above provision.