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CHR on the rights of citizens threatened by amendments to the parliamentary acts on courts

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Adam Bodnar was present throughout the parliamentary sessions devoted to the work on the bills on courts. He tried to explain the objections and indicated the threats to the rights of ordinary people, caused by the reform which was proceeded hastily, without consultations, and which covered three bills: on Common Courts, on the National Council of the Judiciary and on the Supreme Court.

The Commissioner spoke in the Sejm during the first reading of bill on the Supreme Court and during its third reading, just after the closure of the discussion and before the voting. He also took part in the late night session of the Senate Committee and spoke at the Senate plenary session, presenting further arguments and reading out a letter of Czech judges regarding the threats to the Polish system of justice.

The Commissioner had raised his objections to the bill on the National Council of the Judiciary and the bill on the System of Common Courts a long time before, hence his appeal to the President to veto both acts. The Commissioner also raised objections to the bill on the Supreme Court. 

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