Commissioner for Human Rights

Visit to the Fundamental Rights Agency



On May 6, 2013 Professor Irena Lipowicz held a meeting at the Fundamental Rights Agency in Vienna, where she talked about prospects of deepening the cooperation with the EU watchdog. On behalf of the Agency the meeting was attended by: FR Abbing, J. Grimheden and J. Gebhard.


Possible joint actions in the field of anti-discrimination were discussed, with special attention to the 2nd world war education of the youth in international meeting centers (based on the experiences of the Auschwitz Center). In the context of the anticipated FRA study concerning the state of xenophobia in the EU, the possibility of a wider academic discussion organized in Poland was considered (with the participation of the ombudsman network of Ambassadors of human rights).

Professor Lipowicz informed FRA about her conclusions after the recent summit of Visegrad ombudsmen (April 10-12.) She also announced an upcoming study visits at her office (OPCAT Albania). Both sides exchanged information about planned conferences: on the one hand organized by FRA and the Council of Europe on Ootber 7-8; on the other hand the Warsaw Seminar, hosted by the Ombudsman, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Council of Europe (Fall 2013).


Finally the talks focused on the protection of the rights of migrants, especially of minors. The ombudsman briefed FRA about the situation in migrant detention centers in Poland after a wave of protests organized in four of them in October last year.