Commissioner for Human Rights

Doctor Maciej Lis Award


Doctor Maciej Lis Award was established by the initiative of the Commissioner for Human Rights in order to honour memory of dr. Maciej Lis – the Commissioner's Authorised Representative in Wrocław, a doctor of legal sciences, who, throughout his professional life, was active in social associations and organisations established to serve the disabled and poor people (among others, founder of the St. Jadwiga Foundation, International Partnership between Wrocław and Dortmund, member of the Diacony Council in the Republic of Poland, member of the Programme Council of the Association for Civil Initiatives, member of the Council of Public Benefit Activities of the 3rd term of office and others). Moreover, he firmly worked towards establishment of care homes and social rehabilitation equipment rental for those in need. He participated in creation of the Centre of Special Education and Rehabilitation in Wrocław - presently the Evangelical Centre of Diacony. He also co-organised the Centre of Civil Initiatives in Wrocław and the District of Mutual Respect of Four Denominations (a foundation).

The award is founded by the Commissioner for Human Rights and amounts to PLN 10,000 gross paid in cash. The candidates may submit social organisations and universities. The award may be granted to citizens of the Republic of Poland, citizens of foreign countries or to institutions having registered office on the territory of the Republic of Poland or abroad. The award is granted based on the decision of the competition jury consisting of the Commissioner for Human Rights, a representative of Maciej Lis's family, the Rector of the Wrocław University, the Mayor of the City of Wrocław and the Bishop of the Wrocław Diocese of Evangelical-Augsburg Church.


Laureates of dr. Maciej Lis Award:

2015 - Sławomir Piechota
2016 - Lidia Lempart
2017 - Marek Wysocki
2018 - Piotr Pawłowski, Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Integracji i Fundacja Integracja
2019 - Adam Komar, Fundacja "Potrafię Pomóc"
2020 - Hanna Pasterny and special award for Bartłomiej Skrzyński
2021 - Monika Zima-Parjaszewska