Commissioner for Human Rights

Delegation from Georgia at the HRD Office




Between 30th March and 1st April 2015 a delegation from Georgia was visiting the Office of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Poland. The guests met with the representatives of the Department for Equal Treatment and Protection of Persons with Disabilities. Visits in the selected European countries serve the purpose of collecting experience and examples of good practices in the area of performing the functions of an equal treatment body, assumed by the Georgian Ombudsman in 2014.


During their stay in Poland the Georgian delegation met also with Professor Małgorzata Fuszara, the Secretary of State and the Plenipotentiary of the government for equal treatment. Ms. Minister presented the policy of the government in the equal treatment area and the main social priorities  concerning the antidiscrimination law.


The issue of discrimination due to political views, sex or national identity was discussed also between the Georgian delegation and the representatives of the NGOs: Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination Law and the Helsinki Human Rights Foundation.