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U.S. Department of State produced a report on Human Rights Practices for 2016


U.S. Department of State produced a report on human hights practices in Poland. In the report we can read that the Polish parliament passed a public assembly law, a counterterrorism law, a surveillance law, media laws, and laws related to the Constitutional Tribunal which local and international nongovernmental organizations indicated may have a negative impact on human rights protection and the principles of democracy and the rule of law.

Among Poland’s principal human rights problems were xenophobic and racist incidents, including both hate speech and hate crimes involving violence, and cases of anti-Semitism. NGOs stated verbal harassment and physical violence targeting racial and ethnic minorities and foreigners increased. An increasing backlog of cases and lengthy court procedures impeded the delivery of justice.

Other human rights problems included abuse of prisoners and detainees by police. Societal problems included discrimination against women in the labor market, trafficking in persons, and discrimination and violence against ethnic minorities as well as LGBTI persons.

In 2016 the government severely cut the budget of the Office of Commissioner for Human Rights.

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