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Meeting with Erasmus students

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Foreign students studying in Poland under the Erasmus + programme met with Adam Bodnar to talk about  the atmosphere that surrounds them in our country.

The Commissioner for Human Rights organized the meeting after the regional visit to Konin, where he heard about cases of attacks on foreign students.

- Then we figured out that the cases of hate speech and hate crimes may involve not only migrants, but also students that Poland itself invites and encourages the acquisition of knowledge at our universities - said Adam Bodnar.

The students (from different European countries as well as Turkey and Syria) told about an unpleasant atmosphere, silly jokes, and comments heard behind their back.

Some students live in Poland with their families for many years - now their parents meet with hostile comments.

Improper handling, lack of information in English at public offices, universities and dormitories begin to be understood as another sign of hostility.

- It doesn’t really encourage people to think about their future in Poland. I learn the culture, language, customs  and then this happens to me – said one of the participants of the meeting.

- Poland was and still is an open and tolerant country. The fact that the European refugee crisis escalated such behavior hurts us all. We are very sorry that you are experiencing this behavior. The Commissioner for Human Rights will alarm the authorities on all acts of aggression. I will make sure that university officials and the entire academic community will pay attention to the problem - said Adam Bodnar.

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