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The Commissioner for Human Rights met with the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović


The Commissioner for Human Rights met with the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović. Mijatović was a founder of the Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2007 she was elected Chair of the European Platform of Regulatory Agencies. She also chaired the Council of Europe’s Group of Specialists on freedom of expression and information in times of crisis. Mijatović is an expert in human rights; communications and media strategy and regulatory and media policy. She has extensive knowledge of institution-building in transitional states and many years of experience in issues related to journalists’ safety and new media, including digitalization, convergence and the Internet.

The subject of the conversation with the Polish Ombudsman was the issue of media freedom in Poland. Adam Bodnar spoke of his application to the Constitutional Court on the media law and the recent letter to the Minister of Justice on amending the provisions on defamation (article 212).

- I would like to convey my full support for your work - said Adam Bodnar at a press briefing.

Dunja Mijatović also said reporters that the expectations of the international community towards Poland are huge. Poland should always be an example to others, because the country showed the world what freedom means and how important are democratic values.

Inquired by the journalists whether she is "satisfied" with the state of media freedom in Poland, she pointed out:

- No, I am not satisfied with the current situation, hence my statements and reactions. But the situation of the media in the world is really difficult. We have cases of imprisonment, beatings, murders. Meanwhile, Poland has a pluralistic media environment and has mechanisms for evaluating the law (Constitutional Court, which has not yet commented on the media and anti-terrorism laws), and the Ombudsman  - an independent institution formulating opinions and warnings.

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