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The Commissioner for Human Rights’ opinion on the amendment to the Law on Assemblies


The Polish Parliament is working on the private members’ bill on the Law on Assemblies. Such a procedure of amending the law limits the process of public consultations, stated the CHR in his opinion expressed in the course of the works: - The bill should not be adopted as the solutions provided for in it are inconsistent with the Constitution and the international standards relating to the freedom of assembly, concluded the CHR in his opinion submitted to Sejm Speaker Marek Kuchciński.

The CHR’s opinion thoroughly examines the content of the bill, its consequences for the citizens and its provisions as compared to the international standards adopted by Poland.

The Commissioner pointed e.g. at unequal treatment of various assembly organizers, which may result in a hierarchical approach to them.

Criticism of the proposed amendment has also been expressed by the Supreme Court. 



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