Commissioner for Human Rights

What does the Commissioner for Human Rights do?

  • Safeguards the observation of the equal treatment principle
  • Provides support to the victims of discrimination
  • Analyses, monitors and supports equal treatment of all persons
  • Prepares and issues independent reports and recommendations regarding discrimination-related problems
  • Cooperates with associations, civic movements and other voluntary associations and foundations in the area of equal treatment
  • Examines facts described by a complainant
  • Can apply to another control body for examination of the case if he/she establishes that the principle of equal treatment has been violated
  • Applies to competent authorities for elimination of violation and subsequently monitors the implementation of his/her recommendations
  • Can require to initiate preparatory proceedings and participate in all ongoing civil or administrative proceedings
  • In cases where only private entities are involved, he/she can indicate legal measures to which a given person is entitled
  • Does not have legislative initiative, but he/she can apply to competent authorities for undertaking a legislative initiative, issuing or amending legal acts