Commissioner for Human Rights

The Visegrad Group


Summit of Ombudsmen of the Visegrad Group countries

Meetings of the Ombudsmen of the Visegrad Group countries have been held regularly since 2004.
At the meetings, the Ombudsmen discuss legal problems they face in their work.  The meetings give the Ombudsmen an opportunity to deepen mutual cooperation in practice, and to search for the best solutions for the most acute problems encountered in their activity in the region.
Thus far, the following meetings have been organised:

  1. Vysoké Tatry (20-22 October 2004):
    Activity of the Ombudsmen after the accession to the European Union;
    Possibility for the Ombudsman to employ the extraordinary preventive measures available within the legal systems of their countries;
    Relations between the Ombudsman and the Constitutional Tribunal;
    Supervision over the observance of rights and freedoms of persons detained in prisons and pre trial detention centres;
    Cooperation between the Ombudsman and the non governmental organisations.
  2. Budapest (24-26 June 2005):
    Right to social security – after the planned socialist economy – before the social market economy;
    What should be the type and scope of social security – right to work, accommodation, health and retirement, support to the disabled, and family assistance.
  3. Brno (18-19 May 2006):
    Legal status of foreigners and use by the Ombudsmen of the systemic legal solutions from other countries.
  4. Bratislava (16-18 September 2008):
    Independence of the Ombudsman institution and the ways of its safeguarding;
    Right to good administration as a fundamental right;
    Court rulings and their significance for the functioning of public administration bodies;
    Protection of the rights of children;
    Rights of seniors in the 21st century.
  5. Białowieża (7-10 September 2009):
    Eligibility to legal assistance and legal/court and out-of-court information;
    Economic barriers in access to the judiciary and methods of their lifting;
    Relations between the Parliament and the Ombudsman;
    Financial independence of the Ombudsman.
  6. Budapest ( 9-11 May 2011)
    International law – Internal Administration
    The provisions of the EU Charta, OPCAT and the NHRI status from the perspective of the ombudsmen in the region
  7. Brno (21-23 May 2012)
    The Ombudsman and the judiciary

  8. Častá Papernička (10-12 April 2013)
    The role of the ombudsman in the promotion of good governance