Vice President of the European Commission writes to the CHR


Věra Jourová, Vice President of the European Commission, expressed her gratitude to Adam Bodnar for his work as the Commissioner for Human Rights.

- The institution of ombudsman is a key element in the democratic system of checks and balances. It is essential and necessary in the development and maintenance of a transparent and accountable democracy. And since 2015, you, as the Polish Ombudsman, have ensured this role with the highest professionalism and dedication to assist people in defending rights and resolving conflicts or concerns. Your actions at national and European level be it regarding non-discrimination, gender equality, assisting the vulnerable groups, ensuring consumer protection or defending the rule of law and free media, to name only some areas, have been highly welcomed and recognized by the European Commission. As noted in the Commission’s 2020 Annual Rule of Law Report, the institution of the Ombudsman in Poland has been playing an important role in defending the rule of law and fundamental rights. It also plays a key role in promoting and protecting equal treatment of people living in Poland in its role of designated equality body under EU law – we read in the letter.