Commissioner for Human Rights

Subscription rules



§ 1



Terms used in these Rules shall have the following meanings:

  1. service provider – the Commissioner for Human Rights, with the Office located in Warsaw, at Al. Solidarności 77,
  2. newsletter – information sent at regular intervals to an e-mail address provided upon registration in the subscriber base,
  3. subscriber – a natural person, a legal entity, or an organisational unit without legal personality that has subscribed to the newsletter,
  4. subscription – service consisting in sending the newsletter at regular intervals,
  5. registration – ordering subscription to newsletter, an action consisting in entering an e-mail address, which is necessary for the provision of the service, to the subscriber base,
  6. cookies – computing data, particularly text files, stored on the user's end device for the purpose of use of websites. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they originate from, time they are stored on the end device, and a unique number.


§ 2



  1. These Rules should be carefully read prior to expressing consent to use of the Newsletter services.
  2. The Newsletter service is used voluntarily and for an indefinite period.
  3. The Commissioner for Human Rights obtains e-mail addresses from the interested parties for the purpose of providing the Newsletter service.
  4. Each registered party may change or remove their data provided upon registration at any time.
  5. Information on the privacy policy may be accessed by clicking the following link: Polityka prywatności i wykorzystywania plików cookies w serwisie RPO.


§ 3



  1. Newsletters are sent to e-mail addresses in the subscriber base in the form of electronic mail at specific intervals.
  2. Registration in the subscriber base and Newsletters are available to any interested Internet user.
  3. Users may register in the subscriber base by filling in the registration form available at
  4. After the registration process has been finished, a return e-mail with a link for the activation of newsletter subscription will be sent to the provided e-mail address. By clicking the link, the subscriber confirms that the e-mail address is correct and that they are willing to use the subscription.
  5. Subscription to the Newsletter commences upon activation, the intervals are specific for a particular Newsletter.
  6. A person who has provided incorrect data, i.e. a third party's e-mail address without their knowledge and consent, while subscribing to the Newsletter shall be to the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights for damages, if the third party claims any damages from the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights.
  7. A subscriber may cancel the subscription to a single newsletter or the entire service at any time.
  8. Upon cancellation, the newsletter that is the subject of the cancellation ceases to be sent to the subscriber's address, and if the cancellation concerns all the newsletters, the entire subscription is cancelled.
  9. The user's e-mail address is removed from the subscriber base immediately and is confirmed by a relevant message.


§ 4



The service requires a computer connected to the Internet, any web browser, and an active and properly configured e-mail account.



§ 5



  1. The Commissioner for Human Rights with the registered office at Al. Solidarności 77, 00-090 Warszawa is the personal data controller.
  2. Personal data, in the form of e-mail addresses, is collected by the Commissioner for Human Rights exclusively for processing for the provision of the newsletter service.
  3. The data is provided by persons concerned voluntarily, but the provision of the newsletter service is not possible without such data.
  4. The consent to processing of the personal data may be revoked at any time, which shall result in the removal of the e-mail address from the newsletter service mailing list. 



§ 6



  1. The service provider shall not be liable for the improper provision of the newsletter service resulting from:
  • force majeure,
  • a malfunction resulting from the subscriber's action or improper functioning of the subscriber's computer,
  • quality of subscriber's Internet connection,
  • malfunction of devices maintained by subscriber's Internet service provider,
  1. Newsletters do not constitute a legal opinion, an official interpretation of regulations, or any other official position of state authorities and may not replace any official materials whose content is defined by the binding law.



§ 7



  1. Complaints may be submitted by sending an e-mail to
  2. A complaint shall include an e-mail address provided upon the registration in the subscriber base and the content of the complaint.
  3. The deadline for handling the claim and provision of the return information to the subscribers is 7 days.
  4. Replies to complaints shall be sent by electronic mail using the data provided by the person submitting the complaint in the submission.



§ 9



  1. The Rules of the newsletter service are available at
  2. The Commissioner for Human Rights reserves the right to remove the account of a user who has violated these Rules or the binding law of the Republic of Poland or takes action that interferes with the smooth provision of the service to other users or submits illegal content.