Commissioner for Human Rights

Statement of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova


STATEMENT of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova on Mass Violations of Human Rights by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the Territory of Ukraine

On the second day of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, the aggressor is shelling cities in 17 regions of our state, and intensive fighting is taking place in 7 regions and the city of Kyiv.

The enemy conducts targeted attacks with missiles, multiple-rocket launchers, aircraft on civilian objects - orphanages, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, residences. The number of civilian casualties, children and military servicemen is growing every hour. 

The deployment of enemy forces near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant leads to an increase in radiation levels and threatens Europe's environmental security. 

By its actions, the Russian Federation violates the rules of international law - the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Geneva Convention on the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War - and destroys security system of Europe. 

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, security and defense sector bodies, and territorial defense units are giving a decent rebuff to the enemy on the ground. However, we do not have an advantage in the sky due to a significantly larger number of enemy aircraft.

In this difficult hour, we need, as never before, the strong, reliable, unconditional support and practical assistance of the entire democratic world, whose values are defended by Ukrainians with weapons in their hands on their land. 

As the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, who stands for the protection of the rights of citizens of Ukraine, I call on: 

  • International financial institutions – to cut off Russia from the global payment system SWIFT. 
  • Member States and the leaders of the European Union – to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine, which will allow Ukraine to fully repel the onslaught of the troops of the Russian Federation;
  • Heads of State and Governments of NATO Member-States to decide at today's special summit on the urgent deployment of military aid to Ukraine, including combat units.

Ukraine is fighting! We will not give up!