Commissioner for Human Rights

Russian NHRI excluded at Extraordinary General Assembly of ENNHRI


On April 11, 2023, an extraordinary general assembly of the ENNHRI (European Network of National Human Rights Institutions) was held to adopt a resolution on the exclusion of the Russian Commissioner for Human Rights from membership in ENNHRI. The procedure was triggered by ENNHRI's Board on March 6, 2023, on the grounds of the Russian institution's actions since the Russian full-scale invasion on Ukraine in February 2022. The reason for this decision was the actions and statements made by the Commissioner for Human Rights in the public sphere, as well as conduct towards ENNHRI bodies, as well as other national human rights bodies.

After a hearing of the position of Tatiana Moskalkova, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Russian Federation, and an exchange of opinions among members of the assembly, voting proceeded. Eligible to vote were human rights institutions with the highest accreditation according to the Paris Principles (so-called A status), which are members of ENNHRI. The Commissioner for Human Rights voted in favor of excluding the Russian NHRI. A total of 25 votes were cast in favor of excluding the Russian institution, 4 abstentions and none against.

ENNHRI members thus decided that the Russian institution had failed to fulfill its obligation “to act in accordance with, and in a manner likely to further, the goals and activities of ENNHRI”. It is the first time in the ENNHRI history that a member has been excluded from the organization.