Commissioner for Human Rights

Meeting with Ukrainian Commissioner for Human Rights

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On 3 October 2014 prof. Irena Lipowicz held a meeting with Valeriya Lutkovska, the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights. The Human Rights Defender has informed Ms Lutkovska about the call of European Ombudsmen  adopted on 19 September during the International Ombudsman Institute’s conference in Tallin. In the appeal ombudsmen encouraged their national parliaments and governments to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine, especially in face of the approaching winter and a growing destruction of shelter and housing infrastructure. Ms. Lutkovska stated that the situation of Crimean Tatars was deteriorating, due to the growing pressure from local authorities on the occupied peninsula. Prof. Lipowicz proposed that she would inform the IOI Board about the current situation concerning human rights in Ukraine.

Valeriya Lutkovska participated in the annual Human Dimension Implementation Meeting organized by the OSCE in Warsaw.