Commissioner for Human Rights

Marcin Wiącek presented the 2022 Annual Information to the Senate Committee on Human Rights and the Rule of Law


The Commissioner for Human Rights (CHR) presented the 2022 Annual Report to the Senate Committee on Human Rights and the Rule of Law. In his presentation, he outlined the activities of the Office of the CHR (OCHR) in 2022, highlighting the significant number of complaints received and various areas in which these complaints were concentrated. He highlighted issues such as the situation of refugees from Ukraine, changes to tax legislation, and amendments to the Executive Criminal Code.
Wiącek also addressed other general human rights concerns in Poland, including the judicial crisis, the abuse of temporary detention, the use of direct coercion in medical facilities and nursing homes, as well as threats to citizens' privacy by law enforcement agencies.
A significant part of his presentation focused on the rights of persons with disabilities, whose rights the OCHR has been advocating for. The Commissioner added that the Principal Coordinator for the Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities had been appointed to strengthen actions in this area.
During the discussion, senators asked about the budget of the OCHR and its communication with the prison service. Wiącek stressed that the inadequate budget hindered the Office's ability to carry out its tasks, especially in the area of prison visits.