Condolences on the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


The Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar sent condolences on the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Ambassador of the Unites States Georgette Mosbacher.

In the letter we read: It was with great sadness that I learned about the death of the US Supreme Court judge, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her life is a remarkable example of courage, consistency and attachment to values. Fighting against sexism, a lifelong advocate of gender equality, she became an feminist icon. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a pathfinder. She broke through the glass ceiling so many times that eventually she had gained access to study, work and career for so many girls and women.

I would like to emphasize that the ideals to which Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was committed are extremely close to me. Her death is a great loss to all of us, to everyone who respects human dignity and human rights. I strongly believe that her incessant fight against gender discrimination had inspired numerous generations of lawyers all over the world.

Madame Ambassador, I avail of the opportunity to offer my heartfelt condolences to the family, relatives and colleagues of the Deceased.