Commissioner for Human Rights

CHR report regarding the pandemic: experience and conclusions


The Commissioner for Human Rights has issued a report summarizing the time of the pandemic. 
The report is addressed not only to the relevant public authorities, but also to the public opinion, media and social organizations.
Pandemic legislation was prepared in a hurry, without a sufficient assessment of its compliance with the Constitution.
The drawbacks of such legislation are confirmed by the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court - now it is necessary to eliminate its effects and prepare the state for possible similar challenges in the future.
In view of the deepening of the problems of the health care system in the pandemic, there should be a debate over its thorough reform.
At the time of the pandemic, the state also failed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, taxpayers and consumers. It is essential to eliminate legal uncertainty through proper legislation. Rebuilding citizens' trust in law-making bodies is one of the key tasks of public authorities.