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Campaign "For our old age and yours!"


Campaign For our old age and yours! Let's talk about the Convention on the rights of older persons

On April 29, 2016 Adam Bodnar, PhD, the Polish Commissioner for Human Rights – independent National Equality Body, initiated the campaign For our and your old age! Let's talk about the Convention on the rights of older persons on the occasion of the European Day of Solidarity between Generations in order to bring the scholars', senior environments', non-governmental organizations' and local administration's attention to work conducted at the UN Forum, related to developing the draft of Convention. The Campaign is aiming at encouraging  a broad social debate on the assumptions of the international legal act protecting the rights of older persons and preparing report with conclusions from debates organized at the local level.

Actions taken and planned as part of the Campaign include:

- providing information on UN work on the issue (i.e. UN Open Ended Working Group on Ageing, United Nations Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by the older persons, UNECE);   

- initiating discussions at the governmental level;

- initiating local debates;

The Campaign's duration and its schedule is interrelated with the rhythm of OEWG work.

As part of the actions for the Convention, the Commissioner submitted a letter to the Polish Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy in which he expressed his support for works on the document. He also requested information on the Polish stand on the planned Convention. In response the Commissioner received an explanation that, according to the Ministry, the development of the Convention on the rights of older persons is pointless because the valid acts of international law protect basic human rights and the age of people itself cannot be a direct premise to create special protection.

The Commissioner will continue the discussion on the planned Convention on the rights of the older persons.


Until May 24, 2016 53 partners declared their participation in the Campaign, including 2 MPs, 14 non-governmental organizations, 14 universities of the third age, 5 local administration senior councils and others. The total number of members of organizations that declared participation is estimated to be nearly 10 000 people.  

The most important information related to the Campaign will also be disseminated via a newsletter in English.

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