Commissioner for Human Rights

29th April - EU Day of Solidarity between Generations. Joint Statement on the Human Rights of Older Persons


Joint Statement on the Human Rights of Older Persons during pandemic.

Issued by Michael Windfuhr, the Vice-Chair of the German Institute of the Human Rights and Prof. Dr Adam Bodnar, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Republic of Poland

Both institutions agreed that during the coronavirus pandemic it became visible that the rights of older persons needs a better protection than we have today. Coronavirus crisis limited the debate on the UN level on the rights of older persons. The 11th Session of UN Open-ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWGA) scheduled for 6-9th April this year has been cancelled. Therefore we call for undertaking further works of the OEWGA and the debate on the Convention on the rights of older persons as soon as it will be possible. We also would like to encourage states to continue efficiently the discussion remotely as it remains the only safe way. We enclose our joint statement regarding the current situation and its impact on the enjoyment of human rights by older persons. Being a part of international community, we believe that it is our duty to speak up and undertake the work on enjoyment of human rights by older persons also on international level.

The statement had been addressed to following recipients with a kind request for their support within their mandate:

  • Ambassador Martín García Moritán (Argentina), OEWGA Chair and the bureau members,
  • the Group of friends in Geneva (Slovenia) and NY (Argentina)
  • Michelle Bachelet Jeria, the High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Ilze Brands Kehris, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights (New York)
  • Elisabeth Tichy-Fisslberger, the President of United Nations Human Rights Council
  • Dubravka Suica, the Vice-President of European Commission responsible for Demography and Democracy.